Manitowoc Tour - Day 1

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Askel, MI to someplace north of Trout Creek, MI - 45 miles

Dammit. I still have to pack. 

I piled up everything I was going to take and proceeded to start cramming it into the panniers on the bike. 

Shit.  It doesn't all fit.   

Time to make some gear calls.  

Ditched a lot of extra food and and some clothing.  Thankfully, none of these decisions came back to bite me.   

Out the door by 5pm. 

Holy crap it's hot.  

Really hot.  

I've ridden this route before.  Boring.

Just keep pedaling.  

I could just go back and get my car and drive to Manitowoc.  

No, I'll stick it out for tonight. I can do that tomorrow. 

I had a "must do" goal of a national forest campground about 25 miles south of my house. For some crazy reason I pressed on an additional 20 miles to a nice quiet spot I knew deep in the Ottawa national forest.  

In bed by 9pm. Despite the heat, I don't think I've ever slept that well in a tent before.


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