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Socks and Underwear for Christmas

It's almost Christmas again.  Time for my my legions of fan (Hi, Mom!) to contemplate what to get me for Christmas.   

Usually, they have no idea, so they ask.  And then I take a deep breath and respond...


To which my loved ones usually interrupt, "Uh... How 'bout we just send you a check?"

Me: "OK."  

Still, some of us choose to challenge ourselves physically and mentally on various ski and bike racing courses whereas my mother is the world's fiercest and most determined Christmas shopper.   This year, I'd like to give her something of a challenge.  

So, here's the official BDB Christmas wish list:

-Cyclocross socks. Our team jerseys are cool and all, but I'm totally slacking on the cyclocross fashion front.  My socks are just not up to par.  

For example, these are cool cyclocross socks. And so are these. As well as these.  These are not.     

-Wool.  Zillions of dollars in synthetic fiber research has just been unable to beat this stuff. Go nuts in the 100% wool department.  Long underwear, socks, and bicycling jerseys top the list.  (size XL, please.)   

-Kilt.  Yes, your son wants a dress. Both for formal occasions and changing into bicycling clothes in the parking lot without getting arrested.   

-Knickers.   This is the challenge.  I can't find these anywhere.  100% Wool kickers, with a lower cuff. Something like these.  

Ragnarök 105

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