Goodbye, goodbye, goodbye! Everybody!

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I should really, really go to bed.  

Tomorrow is the UP State Single Speed Championships- unofficially hosted by The Great Deer Chase in the 27 mile race.

It's going to hit a high of 92 tomorrow. 

As if this wasn't crazy enough by itself, I'm heading home immediately after the race, jumping on my cyclocross bike and heading for Manitowoc, WI.  I've got until 12:30am Thursday morning to catch the ferry that'll take me to a family shindig in Ludington, MI.  

I'll mostly be following the "Manitowoc Alternate" portion of Section 2 of the Adventure Cycling Association North Lakes Route. Not sure what I'm going to do on the way back. That's a long way off still.   

Anyway, in the meantime, let me introduce my sister Kate's blog: A Thinner Katie.  I'm doing my best to help her by suggesting several $5000+ tri bikes that she might need.  I'm an awesome brother like that. :) 

Back in two weeks. Hopefully with no horror stories to tell. 

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