Bad Decision Bicyclist Halloween Special!

It was a pretty crummy day today.  Cold, with a rain snow mix, mostly leaning towards the rain side of things.  In other words, ideal conditions to test clothing setups for my upcoming Iceman entry.  

I wanted to stay close to home in case I screwed something up and needed a hot shower or shot of whiskey to ward off hypothermia so I decided to look for something I had read about a couple of months ago- the other Askel cemetery.  Yep, the blooming metropolis of Askel seems to be home to more dead people than living. 

Didn't take me too long to find it....  

All I can say is "Wow!". 

I've changed my mind. Previously it was kind of a toss up between a viking style funeral pyre or maybe a Tibetan sky funeral (do NOT click on that link if you are at all squeamish) when I kicked the bucket, but honestly- eternity in the Karki Hill Cemetery might not be so bad. 

In the grand scale of Keweenawsomeness, it only barely rates- but the fact this is sort of a forgotten little place by most makes it really, really cool.   

So, no pictures this time, or GPS coordinates.  You have to find it yourself.  And keep it a secret. 


Where do you find this stuff? GROSS!!

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