Really, really, REALLY bad decisions....

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Funny how it's always the little things.  (Read the comments.)

Yep, 15 whole extra points for finishing the Tour Divide.  

I'm thinking about it a lot more seriously than I've thought about it before. 

I haven't actually fully committed to this yet, and even then there's quite a few wherefores and what-have-yous before I know I can go, but I'm actually contemplating the mechanics of pulling this off, rather than just thinking "how cool would that be..."  

"Dear sweet lord in heaven, WHY?!", you might ask?

There's a million reasons, but one really stands out. I've never, ever DNFed.  Maybe it's dumb luck, maybe I'm not pushing as hard as I could, but I've always, always finished.  Sure, I regularly bump into my limits of outright speed, but what about endurance and perseverance? How do you know where the limit is if you don't cross it?   

On a lighter note, I should point out that my Mom came through with flying colors with Christmas swag.  Went out skiing in a twenty below windchill last weekend and was actually too warm in all my fancy merino wool.   

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I don't see the "bad decision" in this.

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