The Big 2010 Tour: Day 3

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Day 3: Seney to St. Igance, 100 miles

Well, the day started out well enough. I stopped at some bar in Seney that was advertising breakfast and found it was pretty much me and the owner/bratender/cook.  Although they didn't have pancakes, she did an awesome job of filling me up with french toast and then charged me some exorbitant price. I think it was $3.50 for what basically amounted to an all you can eat deal.  

Just before McMillan I ran into some French-Canadian dude on a cross country tour. His English was about as good as my French, but from what I could gather he was about 3 weeks in so far and was planning to end up someplace on the west coast.  

After that... well.  Not much to report. It was a ride.  My schedule for this trip required that I really push hard and make St. Ignace today. Unfortunately, my route was pretty boring and pretty much anything really interesting was a solid 20 mile plus detour.  

I did have to stop and check out why the Post Office in McMillan was for sale though.  

Made it into St. Ignace with no problems and checked into a Motel. Kind of nice to get my first shower in a couple of days.  

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